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New Information Regarding H5N1 Bird Flu And The Fatal Side Effects It Carries

Bird Flu

There was one point in time where the term “bird flu” would cause an uproar anywhere you went, if you don’t remember the pandemic of bird flu outbreaks in the early 2000’s then you probably just weren’t old enough! New evidence has shown that this particular virus might have the ability to mutate, although it’s infecting with a human-to-human process that is rather inefficient.
Bird Flu
H5N1 bird flu was responsible for killing 60% of the 650 humans it has already gotten to, these are only the numbers so far. This virus was found in Hong Kong about a decade or so ago, but the numbers still remain somewhat scary. The one good thing that we can take from this, however, is the fact that this one hasn’t evolved in a way that makes it easily passable through humans, so this could be a spear-head towards a cure of some sort.

Dutch researchers were overlooking data archives regarding the H5N1 bird flu virus, and they figured out that the virus only need five gene mutations in order to be transferable through human contact. This means that as the virus gets stronger, it finds newer and more effective ways to get into our systems. Although this is the case, five mutations is quite a number to manage.

Researchers modified the virus at will in a laboratory, and got the minimum amount of mutations it could manage to five. They sprayed their modified version of the virus into a ferrets respiratory system through the nose. The ferret was then placed in a cage with a wall between it and another ferret, designed to prevent and physical contact; once the second ferret showed signs of illness they knew it was transferable through the air.

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