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New Hope for Paralyzed Patients with Spine Implant!

Paralyzed Patients

In a groundbreaking research conducted by a team from University of Louisville and University of California- Los Angeles, they were able to restore voluntary movements in patients with paralysis. Around 1.2 million Americans suffer from paralysis, where the lower part of their body is uncontrolled by brain activity. The finding published today in Brain, researchers have been able to restore some vital body functions in patients with the spinal implant.

Paralyzed Patients

The director of the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, Dr. Roderic Pettigrew has commented that spinal injury is devastating. This study will be a hope to patients that their condition if not cured can be improved. The study which is still in its naïve stages was conducted on four men who had shown movements in their leg first time since they were paralyzed.

The device implanted on spine would trigger controlled electrical impulses, which coordinates the motor signals between brain and legs. The team also included researchers from Pavlov Institute of Physiology in Russia. Each of the men paralyzed for over two to four years were able to lift their legs, flex their ankles and support their own weight. This remarkable feat was achieved after the implant was switched on. The bladder control was regained; blood pressures and body temperatures were also controlled with this implant.

Some real life examples who are benefited by this research, Mr. Kent Stephenson who met with a motocross accident at the age of 22 and was forever advised to use wheel chair. This development is a new hope for such youngsters who could pursue things they want in life with limited restrictions. Another remarkable achiever from epidural stimulation was Mr. Rob Summers in Spinal Cord Injury Research Center, who has shown improvements after this implant. One patient out of four had mid back injury, and has also shown improvements.

Overall such remarkable research opens up avenues for betterment. It bestows new hope.

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