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New Approach to Diagnose Asthma More Accurately!

Diagnose Asthma

Researchers have developed a new approach to diagnose asthma in lesser time and with accuracy. Respiratory tract disorders or difficulty in breathing is till date diagnosed with a series of clinical tests mostly related to lung functionality. Scientists from Wisconsin and Madison have proved that a single drop of blood is enough to diagnose even mild traces of asthma in patients, which was previously not possible.

Diagnose Asthma

This new technology, exploits the association between development of asthma and number of white blood cells in the body. The study proves that leukocyte counts could diagnose if patients are prone to have asthma attack, even before they were symptomatic. Scientists from the Wisconsin and Madison studied the neutrophil cell function to accurately diagnose asthma. The professor from the University’s department of Biomedical Engineering as well as the co author on the research paper has added that function of neutrophil can predict whether a person is asthmatic or not and in some cases even measure and diagnose the extent of asthma in patients. Dr. Beebe has also highlighted the benefits of this new approach as it is cheap and would save a lot of time. This is a convenient and practical way to start the treatment early.

Environmental factors and increased industrialization are responsible to increase air particulate matter that triggers breathing difficulties in urban and rural cities. Mostly for diagnosis of asthma, the different chemical components present in the air are analyzed by physicians. By measuring the chemical components of particulate matter in the inhaled air, the risk to acquire asthma was diagnosed till lately.

The new microfluidic technology, detects the velocity of movement of nuetrophils, to site of inflammation in case of asthma patients. The cell function of neutrophils is studied for diagnosing asthma. Nuetrophils are part of the white blood cells that function by migrating to the site of inflammation or wound in the human body and heal the wound. This kit on a lid assay, developed by the team uses a single drop of blood, to analyze and track neutrophil movement and diagnose asthma with more accuracy.

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