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Mother Gives Up On Cancer Treatment to Protect Her Baby

Mother Gives Up On Cancer Treatment to Protect Her Baby

One of the greatest joys of being a woman is being able to give birth to a baby. So, when Elizabeth Joice and Max, found out they were going to have a baby they were over the moon. Elizabeth had been warned by a fertility specialist that she would never be able to conceive. Not that there was anything wrong with her womb or with her husband, Max’s capabilities. This was because Elizabeth has gone through chemotherapy to beat Sarcoma in 2010.

Mother Gives Up On Cancer Treatment to Protect Her Baby

Everything was fine, until one month into her pregnancy she found out that the cancer was back. Thinking back about the time they found out Elizabeth was pregnant, Max says, “It very much felt like a miracle. Bringing a child into this world – I mean, it wasn’t just important for me; it was one of the most important things for Liz.”

Surgeons did their best to remove the tumors in her back, but she was required to have a complete body MRI scan to know for sure if the cancer had spread and its extent. An MRI scans contrast dyes may pose a threat to the fetus, Elizabeth faced a crucial decision. She could either let the baby go and continue with her MRI scan for cancer or she could decide to have the baby and move on without knowing the extent of her cancer.

“We felt that if we terminated this pregnancy and did these scans, if it turned out that there was no evidence of this disease after the scans, then we would have possibly given up our only chance at having a child naturally and would have done it for nothing,” Max said.

By the time they had done the C-section, doctor found that the cancer had spread to her lungs, heart, abdomen and pelvis. Lily Joice was born on January 23, 6 weeks before her time. Elizabeth passed away on March 9th. “In the face of this life-threatening illness,” Max said, “she was so optimistic and so strong and so willing to go through whatever fight she would have to go through in order to have this baby.”


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