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Most Migraine Sufferers Express Pain In Real-Time On Twitter


In a new study it is found most of the migraine sufferers express their physical pain in Twitter. This shows technology has affected people greatly.

The study was conducted by researchers from University of Michigan School of Dentistry. They collaborated with about fifty students and residents and categorized over 22,000 tweets of the users.
Assistant professor and director of the Headache and Orofacial Pain Effort Division Alexander DaSilva led the study. He and his colleagues first eliminated the non-migraine related tweets.

The team then examined the key factors in the tweets such as the tweet times, profanities, locations, mood and impact on productivity, and found 65 percent of the migraine sufferers expressed their pain in Twitter. They also found 17 percent of migraine tweets came from men and 74 percent originated from women.

It was also learned the migraine tweets peaked during Mondays at 14:00 GMT and 58 percent of such tweets originated from the United States followed by Europe by 20 percent.

Researchers also found that 44 percent of the tweets revealed the migraine attacks immediately impacted and triggered mood of a sufferer.

The study is first of its kind to show instant impact of migraine attacks on the lives of modern patients, said DaSilva.

Migraine Research Foundation says migraine is one of the most disabling neurological diseases and usually characterized as intense throbbing pain. Over-the-counter medications help in curing the disease.

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