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Morning Walks Are Important If You Want To Lose Weight

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When it comes to losing weight there’s nothing around becoming active, and as of recently it seems as if we don’t have to be as active as we had once thought in order shed a couple extra pounds. Researchers have discovered that the morning light helps your body clock become synchronized, which of course makes an all around better experience when it comes to morning time. US scientists gave monitors to around 54 people and recorded the amount of light they were exposed to.
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Those who were exposed to bright lights before noon were lighter in weight than the others who hadn’t gotten the same exposure. It seems as if 20 to 30 minutes is just the right amount when it comes to morning walks. Shedding unwanted poundage is something everybody can benefit from, so of course this is something that should, naturally, be looked into. If the sun plays a significant role in shedding some weight, a lot of people may be questioning their daily routines!

The researching team, which was from the Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. The team stated that the timing, as well as the intensity and the duration of exposure to light is something that is relatively important. They stated that it would be really hard to get enough light when we’re indoors, so it’s important to get outside, even if the day is a bit cloudy.

It seems as if 20 to 30 minutes is the magic number regarding this. The lead author within this study, Dr. Phyllis Zee, had this to say on the subject: “Light is the most potent agent to synchronize your internal body clock that regulates circadian rhythms, which in turn also regulates energy and balance.”

The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE

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