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Mommies Who Crave For Junk Food during Pregnancy More Likely to Pass the Same to Their Unborn Baby

Pregnant Woman

A recent study discovered that mums who crave and cram for junk food during pregnancy are more likely to program their kids to gorge the same foods and eventually become obese.
Pregnant Woman

Also, the fathers are not to be counted out of the equation either as a new research showed that men who lose weight and exercise well before they conceive a baby can drastically improve the embryo’s development.

Adelaide University performed a test on rats that showed the rodents that ate sugary foods and fatty foods before conception, during pregnancy and also while breast feeding had babies that preferred very similar food items.

The offspring of the rats exposed to nutritious diet were twice as thinner as the offspring of the junk food eating rats. The offspring of the latter also showed an increased risk of facing metabolic diseases in later stages of their life.

It is estimated that about 50 percent of women who are overweight/obese are more likely to increase their child’s risk of obesity when they are pregnant, later in their life.

“The increasing prevalence of obesity among pregnant women has led to the establishment of an intergenerational cycle of obesity and metabolic disease” stated Dr. Beverly Muhlhausler, a researcher from Adelaide University.

“In short, we are seeing heavier mothers giving birth to heavier infants who go on to be fatter and less metabolically healthy in later stages of life.”

The researchers discovered that mothers who opt for wrong food items during pregnancy change the appetite regulation of their offspring, which can cause them to overeat.

However, it is not just the expectant mothers who should watch their diet while carrying; the research also showed that males play a far crucial role in their kid’s future health rather than simply fertilising an egg. Men, who wish to become father to healthy children, should increase their levels of exercise and also lose weight.

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