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MERS Causes One More Death-1st in UAE after 2 Deaths in Saudi Arabia


Latest news from the WAM news agency reports that, MERS has caused causality in UAE. The health worker from Philippines who was working in Al-Ain in the United Arab Emirates Interior Ministry was the casualty. Report further adds that 5 more expatriates from Philippines have also been affected. This information was announced following a weekly report on the disease which has already affected 9 people and killed 2 in Saudi Arabia.
According to the Ministry statement, these 6 cases were found while conducting periodic examinations of the employees. WAM news agency also stated that the ministry had explained that all preventive health measures that are necessary have been taken. The infected have been kept in health isolations. Further, people who have contacted these infected people have also been medically examined so as to avoid further spread of the disease in the ministry as expatriates form a very important group working in the Gulf Arab in important roles.

UAE was already on alert after Saudi Arabia reported two deaths in Jeddah. Out of the 11 infections in Jeddha, 3 people are undergoing treatments and 6 have already recovered as per SPA, a state news agency. Information from the health authority of Jeddah informed that the emergency department in King Fahd Hospital was completely disinfected after transferring the patients to different hospital as one case was reported positive in a staff nurse in this hospital. Further, health authority informed that as a precautionary measure all other staff members were also tested for the virus infection.

With the virus spreading across the Gulf countries, media reports that it has led to a fear of epidemic amongst the people. However, the Saudi Arabian Health Minister informed that the number of cases is very low for it to be considered as an epidemic as per the criteria set by World Health Organisation.


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