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Menopause Could Be Predicted With Genetic Test: Research


In next few years women will be more accurate in making informed decisions about their fertility as well as health. A new genetic test is on the way to predict the start of menopause. Expert says it may be made available within five years from now.
Bart Fauser, professor of Reproductive Medicine and Gynaecology at the University Medical Centre in the Netherlands, said the prediction of the timing of menopause could be extremely useful as it can begin at very different ages, even before 40 years, which is though for just one in 100 women.

He added that the precise prediction will especially be helpful for women wanting children.

Though the mean age of menopause is 51, but usually it ranges between 40 and 60 years of age.

In the modern and fast lifestyle usually it is seen women postpone carrying children until they are well established in their career, but it is seen often they find difficult in becoming pregnant as fertility starts declining after the age of 30. In such case it is very important for the doctors to know the age gap in which the women expect to remain fertile to help them conceive naturally.

Prof. Fauser studied more than 35,000 women in Europe. He did a meta-analysis of 22 genetic studies and found thirteen gene variants could be used in testing.

His study was published in the Nature Genetics journal in 2012 and on Friday he presented the finding at the Congress of the Asia Pacific Initiative on Reproduction in Brisbane.

He said to have found mothers and daughters often experienced menopause at a similar age.

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