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Medication For Hepatitis C Patients Costs $1,000 A Day

Health costs

Pharmaceutical companies have found themselves in quite the predicament, as many of them can’t afford to keep up with Hepatitis C medication payments. Some would say that $1,000 is well worth the money, but the fact of the matter is that not a lot of people can actually afford it.
Health costs
A new drug that was recently approved has been developed to deal with the effects of Hepatitis C, it was implemented with the hopes that it would lower the risks of developing liver cancer from the disease. Although the intentions are good, it seems as if the price tag isn’t as public-friendly as we figured it would be, coming in at a whopping $1,000 per day.

Sovaldi is a new generation of Hepatitis C therapy, it was developed and is being manufactured by Gilead Sciences Inc. It was stated that it could total up to $5 billion in 2014 if the current prescription rate stays where it is. The drug itself can most definitely help the situation at hand, as around 90 percent of the people affected by the disease with see positive results from this treatment (those who might develop liver cancer without the treatment, that is). Health insurance companies are moaning and groaning at the costs, as it’s going to hurt their bottom line in the worst possible way.

“Since Sovaldi costs $84,000 for its 12-week treatment – there are an estimated 3.2 million U.S. Adults with Hepatitis C. Any medications from competing drug companies are a year off, some insurers are trying to reserve the drug for the sickest patients and are asking states to take on more of the cost for Medicaid patients,” stated UPI.

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