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Medicare to Make Public Its Data on Payouts to Doctors

Payouts to Doctors

The Obama administration is all set to make public its data on the payouts individual doctors received from Medicare in 2012. This is an endeavor to help make the medical payments made to doctors more transparent and help detect fraud. Needless to say that, this move faced aggressive resistance from doctors. They wanted to put a stop to any information being made public.

Payouts to Doctors

Government federal officials stated that they had been planning on releasing the reimbursement information on April 9. They even planned that soon after that they would show information on billings made for over eight hundred thousand health-care professionals who are caring for people in insurance programs run by the government for the aged and disabled people. The information will be given for medical facilities or medical professionals running businesses out of their offices. In essence it will show the average amounts that were paid out and a rough estimate of the people who were treated.

Doctors’ associations had wanted to prevent the data from leaking out as they wanted complete confidentiality. As the data is even set to release names and addresses of the health care providers, we can see how this would pose a threat to their privacy. Last year, a federal judge lifted a long-overdue injunction placed on the release of information by a federal court in Florida. This was in response to a challenge from the Down Jones & Co. who plays a parent company to the Wall Street journal.

Ardis Dee Hoven, president of the American Medical Association, expressed his concerns saying that this could end in, “unwarranted bias against physicians that can destroy careers.” He even stated that doctors would like the privilege of reviewing the information before it were made public.

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