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Marijuana for Minors with Epilepsy

Marijuana for Minors

Illinois State Senate approved the proposal that will allow children with epilepsy to use medical marijuana. The bill was passed on 3rd April 2014 by a 49-5 margin.  According to State Senator Iris Martinez, the step is said to be taken as pharmaceutical drugs have done little to stop seizers in young children caused by epilepsy. Iris Martinez the sponsor of the legislation says impairment of children shouldn’t be a worry as the oil part of this cannabis plant used for treatment of children contains negligible amount of THC, which is the compound associated with getting stoned. The children with severe cases of epilepsy will be given the oil to drink or receive intravenously if they cannot swallow.

Marijuana for Minors

Nicole Gross, mother of an 8-year-old epilepsy patient- Chase Gross, testified in front of the commission that her family had to move to Colorado from Naperville. This was so that the child could begin to take tincture extract oil from the Charlotte’s Web offshoot. This strain of marijuana has comparatively small amount of THC, the active ingredient that pot smokers use. News reports show that hundreds of families have moved to Colorado so that they can give marijuana to their ailing kids.

The bill is going to add epilepsy to the list of ailments that medical marijuana can be used for and also restrict its use for epilepsy patients under age 18. Last year, medical marijuana was approved by lawmakers for numerous ailments, but it is expected to be available for the public only from 2015.

Opponents feel that permitting marijuana for minors opposes the state’s drug prevention plans. 20 states have legalized medical marijuana, and majority of those states allow children to access it. The bill will now move to the House for consideration. Currently, only people who are 18 years and older can use medical marijuana according to the state’s four-year pilot program.


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