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Mammography Doing More Harm Than Good, Surveys Say!


Recent study reveals that mammography’s may be doing more harm than good, as the potential health damage it may cause has now been found to be higher than before. New tests to understand and gauge a woman personal health risks and conditions before doing mammography is being developed and practised.
Just following the regular guidelines might not be enough.
Nancy Keating and Lydia Pace from Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital believe that women should completely check their medical histories with their doctors and weigh the pros and cons before jumping to any conclusion.

What makes the situation even more difficult is that there are no definite answers regarding mammography. The data received after mammography is not very accurate. Even though the doctors strongly suggest that mammography is beneficial, they also are commenting upon the health damages that they might cause. No matter how insubstantial these harms are, mammography a rethinking.

The percentage of lives being saved by early detection of cancer is very low. Also there have been false positive reports that make these tests not very reliable. Many a times they have led to unnecessary surgeries and chemotherapy. The tests are said to reduce 19% mortality by breast cancer. Just 5 to 6 lives would be saved per 1000 women undergoing mammography, by detecting breast cancer.
Considering the health expenditure that involves mammogram and its utility in the required field, doctors are new doubting the value of mammograms. New studies confirm this fact by showing that the ratio of women who did not undergo mammography and died of breast cancer is almost same as women who underwent mammography.

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