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Mali Focuses on Preventive Measures Against Ebola


The government in Mali is trying everything that they could to ensure that they take preventive measures to eliminate the spread of Ebola virus in western Africa. The government revealed that they are trying different ways that can help them to stem out Ebola virus in many different ways. The government in Bamako has been using thermal imaging that checks travelers that have high fevers so that they can contain the virus in a small area rather than spreading it across western Africa.
As per the new information three new suspected cases of the disease were discovered on Friday close to Mali borders in Guinea where 86 people have already been reported dead because of the virus. The new government has been taking measures to ensure that people with infection do not travel across the continent and on the other hand the government is also making sure that they restrict the movements of people trying to enter the capital city of Bamako from the border area.

The government also confirmed that currently there is no cure of Ebola virus and that this virus spreads through close contact which leads to high fever and muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting and even organ failure. The first outbreak of this virus was discovered in Guinea’s southeastern region of Nzerekore but was not traceable for many weeks. The virus has now spread across the continent with news coming from Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia and Sierra Leone and Senegal as well which is causing a widespread epidemic gradually.

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