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Low Dose of Aspirin to Help with Preeclampsia in Pregnant Women

Pregnant Women

Preeclampsia being one of the common complications in pregnant women, as well as the unborn child can be treated using low doses of aspirin after the 2nd trimester. This recommendation has been given by a panel of experts in the US. As per the recommendation, pregnant women who have the risk of Preeclampsia should be given low-dose aspirin pill after completing 12 weeks of gestation. This condition occurs when excess protein and blood pressure increases in the body after the completion of 20 weeks.

Pregnant Women

According to Dr. Michael Lefevre of University of Missouri School of Medicine, preeclampsia, being a serious health issue, the panel recommends taking low-dose aspirin pill to prevent the outcomes of this condition and also ensure the safety of both the mother and child. Further supporting this recommendation, the US Preventive Services Task Force experts have also recommended that taking in 81 mg of aspirin will help in reduction of low birth weight and premature birth, which is another outcome of preeclampsia.

Clinical trials showed that, taking in aspirin reduces premature birth by 14% and also reduced the slowing down of fetal growth by 20%. Team of expert further added that, overall, 24% reduction is seen in preeclampsia incident when the pregnant woman takes a low-dose aspirin from the 2nd term.

According to Dr Ira M. Aernstein from University of Vermont, the statistics show that for every 4 pregnant women who has the risk of Preeclampsia one is prevented with this treatment. He further added that if it could prevent 25% from the condition, then this is a substantial treatment option.

Women at the risk are identified by checking if they had preeclampsia in the early pregnancy, have diabetes, hypertension and pregnant with multiple fetuses. Further, few other moderate risk factors include being pregnant after 35 years of age, being of obese, pregnant with 1st Child, family history of Preeclampsia and also being African-American.

He further added a cautious note that these low dose aspirin is not recommended to be taken without consultation with a doctor as there is a risk by itself while taking aspirin when pregnant.

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