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Longer Hours Of Computer Viewing Can Weaken Bones Of Young Boys!

Weaken Bones Of Young Boys

In an interesting study, Norwegian researchers have reached a correlation between decrease in bone mineral density (BMD), and higher screen viewing time. Longer viewing of computers has been associated with risk to fractures in adolescent boys.

Weaken Bones Of Young Boys

A group of 463 girls and 484 boys, aged between 15-18 years, from Tromso region of Norway, have participated in this Fit Futures study as named by the scientists. 90% of the children were in their first year of high school, and were monitored against their lifestyle parameters. Hours spent in front of the television or computer, and time spent on leisure and amount of physical activities were noted. Participants were made to fill questionnaires and asked to self assess their daily routine. Other factors like drinking alcohol and carbonated drinks, smoking were also considered. BMD or Bone Mineral Density was figured out from dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry; where in density of total hip bone and femoral bone density were monitored.

It is found that skeletal bone grows continually from birth to adolescent, which is the duration in which maximum bone strength is attained. Multiple regression studies were done to establish the associations between BMD and screen time. The loss of bone density leads to complications like osteoporosis later. Moreover children become more prone to fractures due to loss of bone density. Nutritional factors and exercise also have roles to play in maintaining bone density.

Dr. Anne Winther from the Arctic University of Norway has raised her concerns by adding, “Bone mineral density is a strong predictor of future fracture risk. The findings for boys on the other hand clearly show that sedentary lifestyle during adolescence can impact on BMD and thus compromise the acquisition of peak bone mass.” This correlation could not be established among girls, which may need more population based study to come to conclusions.

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