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Long Island College Hospital to Be Bought for $250 Million by Brooklyn Health Partners

Long Island College Hospital

A newly-formed organization, Brooklyn Health Partners, which was specifically created to bid for Long Island College Hospital managed to buy it for $250 million on Thursday. It met all the demands of union groups as well as the community, by pledging to keep the hospital running in full swing, which had been running under several losses for quite some time.

Charlene Nimmons, who lives near the hospital, endorsed Brooklyn Health Partners.

Charlene Nimmons, who lives near the hospital, endorsed Brooklyn Health Partners.

The Promise

Brooklyn Health Partners will also transform part of the property into commercial space and apartments to generate funds. A panel representing community groups along with the State University of New York, the current owner of the hospital chose the winner on Thursday in a meeting of the SUNY board in Midtown Manhattan.

About the Bidding Organizations

Brooklyn Health Partners, which is run by a California-based developer, is basically a minority-owned business and when compared to other bidders, it maintains a very low profile. The runner-up, Peebles Corporation, which is also minority-owned, offered the highest price that was $10 million more than Brooklyn Health Partners, but they wished to transform the facility into a freestanding emergency room rather than keeping it a full time operating hospital. However, Pebbles would definitely be the next choice if the deal with Brooklyn Health Partners falls apart, due to any of the unforeseen circumstances.

Everybody Happy with the Deal

Ms. Dunbar, who is married to Mr. English, stated that the group was proud to be chosen and also mentioned that from the very beginning, they have involved the Brooklyn community in their journey. The deal completely restricts the use of the part of hospital property for any other purpose than medical use.

Larry English is the group’s general counsel.

Larry English is the group’s general counsel.

And, expressing joy on the terms of the deal, she further mentioned that she was delighted with the proposal of Brooklyn Hospital Partners, as they promised to bring in a professional management company into picture in form of Quorum Health Resources, in order to manage the hospital. They further intend to hire several former LICH employees too.

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