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Legumes Can Help in Lowering Bad Cholesterol


There are many patients around the world that have bad cholesterol problems and they search for better diet plans that can help them to cut down the risk of heart disease. As per the new study done by Canadian researchers a daily intake of legumes can actually help to cut down and lower bad cholesterol naturally.child-eating The research claims that eating beans, lentils and legumes can cut down LDL cholesterol. According to the new study Canadian researchers examined 26 United States and Canadian studies that include more than 1000 people.

After going through all the analysis they have reached a conclusion that a daily intake of beans, lentils and peas can cut down the level of LDL by 5%. At the moment, the study does not provide more information on the causes and effect, but the study has been able to confirm there is a strong association between the consumption of legumes and decrease of LDL cholesterol. The study concludes that the 5% drop means 5% lower risk of heart disease.

The study also mentioned that the effect of legumes was more in men than women. The researchers claim that men have worse eating habits than women and therefore they are bound to make better recovery from consumption of legumes and beans. The study also mentioned that consuming legumes on daily basis leads to other stomach problems like bloating, constipation, flatulence and diarrhea, but it certainly works in the favor of those who have high LDL cholesterol problems. The study was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

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