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Last Minute Rush to Sign Up For Health Insurance


Hundreds of thousands of American’s thronged to apply for health insurance yesterday. The deadline was brought on by President Obama’s – The Obama Health Care Plan. The plan called out to all American’s as their ‘last call’ to enroll for ObamaCare which was effective April 1, 2014. They are entitled to free preventive care, including check-ups and vaccinations, money back if their insurance company doesn’t spend at least 80% of their premium on care, no more lifetime limits on how much your insurance company will pay for and children and young adults can stay on their family plans until they turn 26.
“This is almost like trying to shop on ‘Black Friday’”, said Sarah Evans, who is working with a Utah nonprofit group trying to help people enroll. The website seems to have been under tremendous pressure with more than 125,000 people trying to access all at once. For a painful number of hours, people had to wait in virtual waiting rooms where they could simply key in their email address and wait to be contacted later. Officials clarified that the site did not crash but experienced a little slowness in processing time due to the high volumes of traffic. They recorded a whooping 1.6 million visitors by 2 pm.

Supporters of ObamaCare panned out in a bid to sign up members for Americans who are uninsured. In fact, people who had missed the deadline and not signed up were subject to be fined by the IRS. This is one of the major reasons why people suddenly woke up from their slumbers and made a mad dash for health insurance. The authorities had assured people that those who were still in the queue till midnight would get more time to enroll for health insurance.
Sharice Morris who owns her own barber shop managed to wrap up early. “I don’t have any healthcare in my profession and if I get sick that would be the end of me trying to make a living. This is a huge relief for me,” she stated. The website faced overwhelming problems yesterday and engineers had to patch a software bug. Toward the latter half of the day, things didn’t look too optimistic either with the website working at an extremely slow pace.
The White House and its supporters were hoping to see a surge of about 6.5 million in the health-insurance market. This was setback temporarily due to a launch glitch which was faced in fall.

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