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Just A Blood Test May Predict Sudden Cardiac Death Risk: Research


In a new study it is found that a simple blood test will be enough in predicting the risk of sudden cardiac death.

The finding is done by lifespan researcher from the Cardiovascular Institute at Rhode Island in the US, Samuel C Dudley. He said the risk for Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) can be predicted by enabling physicians to accurately and quickly assess a need of the patient for an implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD).
In the present practice the risk is assessed by measuring fraction of blood ejected from the heart in any one of the heartbeats, which is called as ejection fraction, and if it drops below 35 percent the patient may benefit from an ICD.

Researchers believe about 60 percent of the patients actually does not require such defibrillators and suggests a blood test will now more accurately determine which of the patients need defibrillator.

Sudden cardiac death is the most common cause of natural death and about 325,000 adult deaths in the US occur in such condition every year. However, it is found that at least one-third of SCD deaths had heart attacks in the past and 80 percent of those were either smokers or had other risk factors like diabetes and hypertension.

Dudley also added further that this test is first of its kind and never before physicians has accurately been able to assess the risk of sudden cardiac death by just a blood test.

In SCD heart stops beating unexpectedly and blood stops flowing to brain and other vital organs and the patient dies within minutes if it is not treated immediately.

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