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Junk Food Could Be Eat In To Your Motivation

Junk Food

It is no secret that an unhealthy diet can make you gain weight, but did you know that it can always eat away at your motivation! In a recent study published in the journal Physiology & Behavior, scientists from the UCLA have conducted an experiment on rats which proves exactly this.

Junk Food

The rats were fed a low in fat diet and high in simple sugars and refined flour. They were found to be more obese than the rats that had a healthier diet. The rats were also found to lack motivation and were less willing to work for their treat. “The obese rats really showed impaired motivation,” said Aaron Blaisdell, who studies animal cognition at UCLA, and is the lead author of the study. “It is as if the rat is thinking ‘This is too much work.'”

The study was initiated with thirty-two female rats. They were divided in to two groups and one half was given a healthy food diet with complex carbs. While the other group of rats was given junk food – foods that are low in fat but contain high volumes of simple carbs. Both the diets contained approximately the same amount of fat, protein and carbohydrates. However, two months down the line, the group of rats who were consuming the refined diet seemed to have gained weight compared to the other group. “By three months there was a statistical difference between the two groups, and from there we just saw a steady, progressive, increase in weight in the rats eating the refined diet,” said Blaisdell.

On completion of six months, researcher ran some further diagnostics which involved making both the groups work for their food. It was found that both groups eventually grew tired. However, interestingly they found that the rats that were obese gave up much faster and took longer periods or rest in between working for their food.


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