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Jenny McCarthy: Pro Vaccination or Anti Vaccination

Jenny McCarthy

The unstoppable debate over vaccination has been taking the centre stage of late and the medical workers are facing a challenging time clearing the ‘myths’.

Jenny McCarthy

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With Jenny McCarthy, an actor being caught in the controversy of being ‘anti-vaccination’ explained her stature that she is not anti-vaccine. There were rumors that she is using her celebrity status to get followers for her anti-vaccination campaign.

In an interview with the Chicago Sun Times, she cleared that she is not anti-vaccination, but pro-vaccination. She stated that she has not changed his stance or taken a new position, but she has been this way always. She added that, she has no clue as to why she was always considered anti vaccination.
However, when MsCarthy was questioned on her stance regarding her son’s autism, she cleared that she was rather skeptical about the number of shots given to the children in their earlier years, rather than giving vaccination itself. She added that she understands the importance of vaccination and has never asked anyone to not vaccinate their children. She raised concerns in the same column that there should be different standards based on a child’s medical condition. For instance, a child with flu should not be given 6 vaccines in 1 doctor’s visits, like a healthy child. Similarly, children having a family history of vaccine reactions should have a different plan in her opinion. She stated that, she had questioned only in concern over the health of her family and that of the others.

However, the newspaper quoted that Ms. McCarty has all the rights to question the vaccination schedule. But, being a celebrity herself she shouldn’t have opened up this debate in a national level, which has created clout. Though she has not directly asked people not to use vaccines or support any anti-vaccine campaign, she has sowed a seed in the head of people that vaccines are not good and most people are not going back from it.

As it looks like a celebrity endorsement, large number of people has opted out of giving your kids with vaccination shots, which has resulted in higher number of measles and whooping cough cases in many states.


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