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With Increase In Number Of Cancer Cases, Taiwan Shows Alarming Data!

Cancer Cases

With the increase in number of people suffering from cancer annually, this disease is taking a toll on life. Taiwan has reported an increase in number of new cases since 2011. According to the Health Promotion Administration under the ROC Ministry of Health and Welfare held yesterday, the number of cases registered has increased by 92,682. There is additional new case for every 251 individuals. This is a shocking data which is released lately.

Cancer Cases

As compared to last year, the figures have gone up by 2,033 cases. The cases registered have increased by eight seconds faster now. The alarming data also reveals a matter of concern. There are increased cases of male cancer by almost 1.3 times as opposed to females. The HPA (Health Protection Agency), data reveals that colorectal cancer is by far the most common type of cancer for the sixth year in row. It leads the show by adding 14087 new cases, followed by other prevalent cancer types like hepatic, lung, and breast, oral, prostate, gastric, skin, uterine and cervical cancers in order of occurrence.

Lung and breast cancers are the next prevalent types in Taiwan. There are also reported declines in cancers except breast, oral, lung and prostate according to surveys of age relevant statistics. ROC government’s repeated attempts to curb hepatitis have shown its effect as hepatic cancers have declined in Taiwan.

Increase in cancer cases are also attributed to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles disorders. Even in other European and Asian countries, high consumption of fats and high protein diet as well as lack of exercise, are responsible for increasing cancer cases. Taiwan’s diet, which is also rich in fat leads to obesity and other metabolic disorder among the natives.

The World Health Organization recommends that prevention is the strategy to control number of cancer cases. Around one third cases which develop into full blown cancers are preventable. Also screening programs especially for breast, oral, cervical and colorectal cancers can bring down the mortality rates worldwide.

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