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Hunt Begins for 375 Suspected Being Affected by Ebola

In the latest news on Ebola, WHO spokesperson in Guinea, Mr Tarik Jasarevic informed the press that they are on a hunt to trace 375 people who have probably been infected by Ebola virus. These people are situated in different parts of the country and might have contacted the disease when they had come for funeral. He raised concern that they need to be tracked and contained because this disease does not have a cure yet.


He further added that 127 people have died in 3 countries in West Africa out of which 14 of them are health workers who had contacted the disease without even knowing. As the virus spreads through fluids, it immediately reaches bloodstream and shuts down the immune system causing haemorrhage, both internal and external.

He informed that a hotline has been established for this purpose, where public can contact the health workers and report on people showing symptoms like high fever, body pain, diarrhoea and vomiting.

French International Aid Agency Medecins Sans Fronteirs is providing aid and the Director of this operation, Mr Bart Janssens informed that they have 32 international staff dispatched to control the spread and help the affected. Further 40 tons of equipments have been flown to provide isolation wards for the affected as it easily spreads and has a 90% fatality rate. A spokesperson from an MSF informed that the neighbouring country, Sierra Leone has reported 15 people showing symptoms and in Liberia two confirmed affected. This unprecedented speed with which the disease is spreading was something that was not expected the spokesperson added.

An MSF staff Nurse, Mariano Lugli informed the press that all health workers are wearing head to toe biohazard suits to protect themselves. When questioned about symptoms, he said it included very high fever and body pain, followed by vomiting and diarrhoea. Severe symptoms included bleeding from mouth, ears and even anus. He further added that as the fatality rate is very high, patients and family are terrified and hence they have 2 psychologists on board to help them mentally.

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