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Hepatitis C Drug Continues Its Development

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The company known as Merck has continued its endeavours regarding an experimental hepatitis C drug that is showing rather positive results. It’s in a pill form, and has proven it’s worth as a competitor to take over the hepatitis therapy market, Gilead Sciences Inc should be worried. The drug combination consists of two different medicines, it’s a once a day pill that has completely stopped the virus in 98 percent of the study subject (of course there were a few side effects).
White pills
A mid-stage study presentation was made today at the European Association for the Study of the Liver in London to buck up this allegation. The big difference between this drug and the Gilead Sciences therapy is that Gilead Sciences has a longer period of treatment (about 4 weeks longer). Alex Arfaei, whom is an analyst with BMO Markets Corporation stated that “We believe Merck can compensate for that with a modest discount,”. He also went on to state that the new drug should be available on the market by early 2016.

The therapy produced by Merck is going into it’s last staged regarding clinical trials, Gilead and AbbVie are competing right now to be the very first people on the market to offer this therapy. This will eliminate the relevancy of interferon, which is an older therapy used to treat hepatitis C that produced rather intense side effects (particularly in patients with the strain known as genotype 1).

The patients themselves fell into two separate groups, there was one that was older people whom have gotten blood transfusions before 1992 (when the screening of blood started), and the second was intravenous drug users whom pass the disease between each other with shared needles. Although the drug is charted for a 2016 release, it’s still astounding information to take in.

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