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Healthy Heart At Young Age Linked To Good Mental Function At Later Age

heart problems

In a new study it is found that young adults who have healthy blood pressure have better thinking and memory skills in their middle life compared to their friends and colleagues who have higher blood pressure.
heart problems
Few earlier studies pointed out that poor fitness and poor heart health during the middle age may lead to declining mental function and dementia when the person reaches the age of 70 or 80.

However, the new analysis link heart health with brain function as direct responsible at much earlier stage. The experts also has found direct relationship with blood pressure and blood sugar in earlier life with mental acuity in later life.

Lead author of the study, Dr Kristine Yaffe, said it is a known fact that risk factors are important later in life, but it was not known until now that risk factors to be important for cognitive health even going from young to mid adulthood.

Dr Yaffe is from University of California, San Francisco. He added that this is the first time anyone has shown this.

The researchers studied more than 3,000 young people between the age group of 18 and 30. All the participants were examined for 25 years.

It was found people who had higher blood pressure in early life had poorer performance on all the mental functions tests when they reached age of 25 years. Same result was also found with higher blood glucose levels.

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