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Halozyme Pancreatic Cancer Study Put Stand Stilled By FDA


The company Halozyme Therapeutics INC has stated that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the U.S.) told them to put a stop regarding the study of its drug delivery system pertaining to pancreatic cancer patients. This is coming after what seems like less than a week after the company had voluntarily stopped their trial.FDA Due to this, the companies shares had declined around 3 percent, as it was sitting at $8.06 in trading platforms before the bell itself. Halozyme released a statement on April 4th outlining that it had already stopped the trial after recommendations from a certain independent safety board. The trial itself was being used to see what the possible variations could be regarding blood clots found in the Halozyme patients (as well as other receiving approved cancer treatments). The company also stated on Wednesday that it was going to compile resources and information pertaining to this issue, and that it would also be providing the data to the safety monitoring committee (as well as the FDA).

The companies shares saw a very, very steep decline during the day of the announcement, as it took a rather large tumble of 32 percent. The shares closed at $8.29 within NASDAQ this past Tuesday. The study, which found itself at its’ mid-stages, was trying to make use of more potent variations of the companies already existent tech, the delivery of chemotherapy drugs is rather important when it comes to the whole treatment process.

The trials were trying to keep the Hylenex in the blood stream, as well as keeping it as active as possible (for as long as possible).

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