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Green Tomatoes Protects Body Against Muscle Atrophy!

Researchers from University of Iowa have discovered a magic compound tomatidine in green tomatoes which builds muscle strength and protects against muscle atrophy. Muscle wasting or atrophy aggravates due to illness and injuries like cancer, heart failure, orthopedic injuries and ageing. It causes general fatigue, impairs physical activity, increases risk to fractures and deteriorates quality of life. Dr. Christopher Adams, associate professor of internal medicine and molecular physiology and biophysics sees potential in tomadinine to be used for treating muscle atrophy. This compound in green apple triggers gene expression opposite to changes that occur in people suffering from muscle atrophy. Tomatidine when inoculated in cultures with human muscle cells, triggers growth. The findings for the same are published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

To this recent discovery, Dr. Christopher has commented, “Muscle atrophy causes many problems for people, their families, and the health care system in general. Exercise certainly helps, but it is not enough and not very possible for many people who are ill or injured.” Dr. Adam and his team, in order to understand the effect of this compound on skeletal muscles found growth generation in human muscle cells.

This research team has further confirmed their study on mouse model. They supplemented the same in healthy mice and found improvements in muscle strength. Addition of tomatidine in diet of mice grew muscles, made body stronger and enabled them to exercise better. Another notable development in mice was growth in muscles was not complemented with weight gain. There was no overall gain in body weight.

The overall conclusion which could be drawn is green tomatoes are a preventive to develop muscle atrophy. Apart from that, intake of tomatoes does not increase body weight, and helps treating obesity in the long run. Scientists are working hard to develop right dosage of tomatidine, so that consumption is within moderate levels.

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