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Grass Pollen Allergy Drug By Merck Gets Approval And Is Soon To Be Launched!


Spring is the season for allergies. Grass pollen allergies tend to start from late spring to early summer, after which the grass grown carries pollen across. Grasses like Orchard grass, Bermuda grass, Redtop grass, Timothy grass are to name a few which affects hundreds in United States and across. A recent drug has been launched by Merck and Co to fight allergies related to grass pollen better. The drug Grastek, has recently received approval from the US Food and Drug administration is given clearance to launch.

Grass Pollen Allergy Drug

Merck’s Grastek, is the second drug immunotherapy treatment to be launched in the recent time within a couple of weeks interval. This drug was developed with Denmark’s ALK Abello. This drug is aimed for people between 5 to 65 years of age. This drug is expected to be launch by April this year.

Anti allergic drugs are designed protect the body from allergens. These drugs are immunotherapeutic and work by boosting the person’s immune system. Our body is thus made less sensitive to allergens. People particularly allergic to the extracts of timothy grass, are the target group for Grastek administration. This drug specifically protects this allergen. It will be launched commercially in the form of tablets that could be orally consumed. FDA also approved on the launch of Stallergenes, earlier this month. It is protective against five types of grass pollen.

Grastek was previously recommended by the approval committee of FDA, last December. The drug will shortly undergo post approval studies to check its safety in children. The committee has also advised to screen it for possible side effects like throat irritation, oral blistering and swelling of lips. Merck’s pollen treatment was available in Europe under the name of Grazax since 2006. In U.S. market around 3 million patients annually consume one billion worth sales for anti allergic drugs.

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