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Going Bare to Treat PSTD: Fountains at Paradise Lake

Treat PSTD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is something that affects millions of Americans year on year. This is specifically high in people who have been in war zone. Though there are therapists who help with this, for many, traditional way of treating does not work.

Treat PSTD

In Fountains at the Paradise Lake there is a small community/ complex in which a group of veterans live together and use the ‘Going Bare’ technique to handle PTSD. Mr. Max Sanchez is a Vietnamese veteran who stays in this group finding relief for his ‘four year, six months and 3 days’ army day’s problem as he puts it. He added that, he is able to find relief in going naked here to tackle as this period is something he will never forget. He added that he faced both good and bad things there during this period.

Being one of the 5 million people who have to live with their PTSD as it cannot be treated or subdued in them, finding their own means of tackling is what is important according to Dr Kevin Kip of the University of South Florida’s College of Nursing.

Mr Sanchez added that when he starts to think about those days, he gets depressed which then turns into anger and violence. The bad dreams and the nightmare won’t stop and they just start getting worse and worse. With people opting for different options to handle their depression and stress, this is one method. However he added that it does not work for all. Though Mr Sanchez has been under treatment from a therapist, it did not work always and he did not want to be angry or violent and hence he opted to handle his problem along with the traditional treatment. While spending time in the complex naked, he says he forgets the whole world.

According to Dr. Kip, as the information gets stored in the brain incorrectly when one undergoes a traumatic situation, if one does not go for a therapy it will aggravate and result in it becoming chronic. Being a therapist who has treated over 100 of veterans in US, he said he is a supporter of non conventional therapies and if there is something that is reducing the stress level in a patient that should be used.

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