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Go Snaking to Avoid Fights With A Spouse

Go Snaking to Avoid Fights

A new study conducted by the Ohio State University’s Department of Communication and Psychology has revealed that ‘hunger’ could be the reason behind uncontrollable arguments in a household. This study was published in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences.

Go Snaking to Avoid Fights

As per the report, 107 couples who have been married for an average 12 years were analyzed. They found out a strong link between anger against the partner to blood sugar levels. Dr Brad Bushman, author of the study stated that it has already been recognized that blood sugar levels has impact on self-control. In the study they wanted to find out if aggressions towards spouse were also linked to hunger. Study has shown that, when the blood sugar level goes low, a person’s ability to control anger and aggression is also lower. Dr Bushman stated that, this behavior is being termed as ‘hangry’ which means hungry+ angry. This is a new way to understand that when a person is hungry, they tend to be cranky.

During the study, the couples were given voodoo dolls with 51 pins (the Voodoo doll represented the spouse). They were asked to insert the pins into the doll for the next 21 days based on their anger against the spouse. This was done without the presence of the spouse and they were asked to record the number of pins they had struck in the doll. Further, they were also requested to check the blood glucose level using a meter every day, morning and evening before breakfast and bedtime. When the results were compared it showed that, lower a person’s blood glucose level was higher the number of pins that were stuck in the doll.

Dr Bushman stated that this experiment proves that when the blood glucose level is low people were more irritated and aggressive and took it out on the doll, which was representing their partner. In fact, even in couples who had a very good relationship, the anger was expressed when the glucose level in blood was low.

Next part of the study included the couples to take part in a task which involved playing against spouse and pressing a button faster. Winner of the task could blast their partner with loud noise. However, they did not know that they were playing against a computer and the partners were actually not at the recipient end. Further, every time the participants won, they get to decide how loud the noise should be and how long it should last. Results showed that people, who had lower glucose level in the evening, sent louder and longer noise in comparison to those who had normal sugar glucose level.

Similarly, ones who had stuck more pins the voodoo dolls were also the ones who sent loud noises. This test has revealed a very clear link between low sugar levels and aggressive behaviors against spouses concluded Dr Bushman.

Dr Bushman explained this behaviour as though brain being only 2% of the total body, takes over 20% of the energy. It takes large amount of energy for the brain to control aggressions. Therefore, when the blood sugar level is low, the control is lost as brain does not get the required amount. The solution is to have a conversation with your partner while you’re not hungry or over meals will avoid aggressive behaviours.


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