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Have Glucosamine To Increase Lifespan!


There is more to glucosamine than just being a drug for Arthritis. A recent study in Nature Communications has findings to believe that D-Glucosamine can increase the life span. In an experimental study conducted on mice and nematodes, this drug showed positive effects on extending longevity. Glucosamine had increased the lifespan of worms by 5% and mice by 10%. Researchers believe that similar effects can also be generated in humans.

GlucosamineScientists from the Energy Metabolism Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, formed two groups of mouse model, each had age mouse in respective groups equivalent to 65 years in human life. The first group was given glucosamine with normal diet while the second group was not. The first group outlived the second by eight years equivalent to human lie. Not only was that glucosamine, proved to be protective against diseases affecting obese people. Glucosamine increases glucose metabolism and reduced the risk to diabetes. Other chronic life style diseases were also found to be at bay. In case of nematodes i.e., worms taken for this study, glucosamine showed effects on their mitochondria. This drug boosts the metabolism and helps in the breakdown of amino acids, fatty acids and energy reserves.

Glucosamine has similar effects like having low carbohydrate diet. It keeps cholesterol, blood pressures and hypertension under check. Dr. Ristow who headed this study also added that unlike other drugs indented to boost glucose metabolism which has harmful effects, glucosamine did not exhibit side effects on mice or worms. Even as a substitute or as regular drug for arthritis glucosamine has not shown harmful effects on humans as well. The fact remains that, the role in curbing diabetes is under consideration so physicians should still consider that before prescribing. Nonetheless it is established that glucosamine does have a strong role to increase in life span.

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