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Glucosamine Extended Lifespan By Almost 10%

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Although these trials were produced with results from mice and worms, this medicine could work wonders if there was a way to implement it with humans, although it seems very unlikely. Just think about it, a miracle drug that could allow you to live a little longer! It sounds good in retrospect, but I can think of at least several movies where this scenario doesn’t play out so well.
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Glucosamine is a medicine that is usually used to combat arthritis in certain patients, researchers have stated that it has a positive effect pertaining to the life span of worms and mice (through the process of a low-carbohydrate diet, which the drug mimics).

The paper which was published in Nature Communications on Tuesday was put together by scientists from Germany and Switzerland respectively. The paper showed results that were positive regarding the quality of life the animals saw, as the life span of roundworms was improved by 5%, while the life span of older mice was improved by 10%. The numbers may not seem so astounding right now, but any percentage is better than none.

“Nevertheless, glucosamine has been in long-term use in humans for several decades and induces no relevant side effects aide from occasional allergic reactions,”stated Michael Ristow, senior study author and medical researcher at the Energy Metabolism Laboratory within the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. Ristow, along with his colleagues, took a look at the side effects pertaining to the breakdown of amino and fatty acids within the body (much like what a low-carbohydrate diet provides). Ironically, the life-preserving effect the medicine had on the worms was removed as soon as they were given antioxidants, which are known for promoting better health within the human body.

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