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Get Rid Of Shoulder Aches without Surgery

Shoulder Aches without Surgery

Shoulder aches are common these days with the hectic lifestyles we lead. They are more often than not caused by rotator cuff tendinitis. This could soon be treated by over-the-counter painkillers. Researchers at the Tufts Medical Center ran a series of 28 clinical tests and then analyzed the effectiveness of the treatments. They found that it was useful and effective in a certain kind of treatment. The type that was caused by heavy lifting – where calcifications were present on an imaging scans of the tendons.

Shoulder Aches without Surgery

What was even more interesting is that they found that high-energy shock waves worked better that any of the low-energy therapy methods. These findings were published in the journal – Annals of Internal Medicine. Lead researcher, Dr. Raveendhara Bannuru, a primary care physician at Tufts said, “It’s a promising treatment for this form of shoulder pain.” There were side effects from the treatments which were found to be mild redness and soreness at the spot where the shock-waves were administered. This, however, disappeared after a couple of days. He went on to say that, ““It’s a pretty simple procedure without any significant side effects like those caused by chronically using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers, which can cause stomach ulcers and heart problems.”

But if you are planning on finding it at the doctor’s office then you might want to hold your horses. As of now they are just at the testing phase and are yet to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for this particular treatment. As of now it has been used in treatments for condition like tennis elbow and foot pain due to plantar fasciitis, which are acceptable. “Most of the studies we looked at were conducted in Europe where it’s more widely available,” Bannuru said. “Hopefully, we’ll have clinical trials soon in this country.”


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