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How to get rid of jet lag? A free iPhone app called ‘Entrain’ can help


If you find yourself travelling on a frequent basis, whether it’s for work or simply leisure, you might find yourself feeling jet lagged at certain times. There are tons of different apps and gadgets available out there that are supposed to help you with this problem, but now it looks as if there is something much more efficient than anything else.
Michigan researchers have stated that mathematical equations have given audience to the fact that adjusting to new time zones could be done faster than usual; in the process of learning this they, of course, developed an app! “If you get light in the wrong time or wrong way, it’ll send you the wrong direction,” stated Daniel Forger, whom is a math professor at the University of Michigan, he also lead this particular study (in which was published in the journal PLOS Computational Biology).

The circadian rhythm, which is your “body clock” in a sense, plays a pivotal role when it comes to jet lag. When you travel across many different time zones, the body has to reset itself in order to be properly allocated for the journey. Light is rather important when it comes to regulating your internal clock, but there are plenty of different variables to take into account when it comes to bodily clockwork.

The app itself hasn’t been tested with real travellers or anything like that, but once they do the travellers will be able to submit their information (as well as experiences with the app) to the university, this way the project will improve itself with time. Many people manage just fine without all of these gadgets and devices, or maybe even just a generic jet lag manager, but it’s always cool to look forward into the future and to see what lies ahead.

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