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Gene Mapping Technique to Track Strains of Food Borne Disease

Gene Mapping

Centre for Science and Public Interest in the United States has reported that year on year over 48 million people suffer from food poisoning or food borne diseases. If they break the data it means that one in every 6 person is affected. Out of 48 million, 1.2 8 million gets hospitalised with over 3000, resulting in death. This is a very shocking data as anybody is susceptible to food borne diseases. Specifically, people who eat out frequently are more susceptible as the data also reveal that restaurants eaters are twice at risk.

Gene Mapping

This data was collected by analysing over 10,000 food borne disease outbreaks in the country. As per CSPI, 1600 outbreaks out of these 10,000 were from restaurants and affected over 28,000 people. Most of these food borne diseases were caused due to meet related products with packaged foods and sea foods also inclusive. This information was shared by Carolyn Smith Dewaal, the food safety director of CPSI.

However, the good news is that scientists have recently found out a way to treat food poisoning. This technique is called gene mapping and it is used to study the risk of cancer in patients. The same can also be used to check the bug. Ms Dewaal further informed that scientists in the centre are working by scanning the DNA of the harmful viruses and bacteria that cause food poisoning or any other serious food borne disease. She further added that the importance is placed on Listeria, which is one of the dangerous reasons for food poisoning in pregnant women. The fatality rate is also high as it is in the top 3 of dangerous food poisoning strains that lead to death.

Using gene mapping to monitor the various strains of a disease or DNA of viruses and bacteria is used for the 1st time, she added.

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