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From Ethical To Hygienic, Peeing In The Pool Wrong All The Way!

Swiming pool

Peeing in the pool, however impossible it may sound, is so common a practice that even Olympic swimmers have admitted doing it! People, it has been discovered, believe that the chlorine present in the swimming pool can clean the germs and hence it might not be harmful.
Swiming pool
But on the contrary new study by China Agricultural University and Purdue University proves that this chlorine, when mixed with urine can chemically produce compounds known as trichloramine and cyanogen chloride that are as deadly and the most harmful chemical weapons.

Cyanogen chloride is created through chemical reactions that start taking place within an hour of the mixing of the two, chloride and uric acid. The compound cyanogen chloride can directly affect the functioning of the nervous system and as many would know is one of the substances that comes under the U.S.A’s Chemical Weapons Convention because of being chemically reactive enough to even penetrate a gas mask.

If you are wondering why you are still okay after having been doing it for so long, the answer is that what saved you is that the amount of chlorine is generally never enough to trigger the harmful chemical reactions. But one can never be sure of how leaky swimmers there are at a particular time.

Using the bathroom instead is not only ethical but also is important for health related issues. Authorities have claimed to have provided with hygienic conditions for the same and it is [referable that they are used, not the deep waters.

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