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Food Poisoning Chances Double When Eating in a Restaurant


In a new report provided by non-profit group, researchers have found that the chances of food poisoning actually doubles when you eat in a restaurant in the United States. The Center for Science in the Public Interest based in Washington has said that as per their analysis and research they have found that people that eat regularly at restaurants are more prone to food poisoning.

ConstipationThe data reveals that some of the common infections like E.coli O157:H7, Hepatitis A, listeria and salmonella. The research also confirms that Americans that eat out are two times more likely to have food poisoning issues compared to Americans that eat homemade food.

To provide more data, the researchers also reviewed the data provided by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The data from 2002 to 2011 was examined and they found total 10,409 outbreaks. Out of the total number of outbreaks, only 3,933 outbreaks were considered to be solved which means that only these cases were solved by investigators and they have identified the specific food or pathogen that had caused the outbreak.

All the 3,933 cases were related to 98,399 illnesses. The report also claims that more than 1,610 outbreaks occurred in restaurants and these outbreaks impacted more than 28,000 people. In the same period there were 893 outbreaks that were reported within the home setting that sickened around 13,000 people. This concludes that the number of people sickened through restaurant meals were more than double of that that got sick in the home settings.

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