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FDA Goes Tough on Honey with Added Sweeteners


Consumers today blindly believe what they read on the labels and therefore FDA has decided to go strict and come up with better information for the consumers. Now, The Food and Drug Administration has issued new guidance that offers better information to the shoppers who are interested in buying honey.
The new guidance provides clear information that FDA does not consider honey with added sweeteners as honey. FDA believes that this new guidance will make it easier for the users to differentiate and make the right choice when they are buying honey in the market or even on the web.

The Food and Drug Administration also said that the new guidance will also put pressure on food companies to avoid putting sugar, drug residues or other sweeteners into pure honey and still refer to it as pure honey. FDA also mentioned that they have come across various instances where they have seen manufacturers labeling honey with added sweeteners as honey and that is completely wrong and offers a false promise to the consumers.

The guidance also said that they will keep an eye on US based food businesses and importers as well to ensure that they label honey in the right way, or else they face enforcement action. FDA mentioned that if the manufacturers are adding added sweeteners to honey they should mention it on the label for the customers. FDA also revealed that they regularly detain many importers after they discover drug residues and unlabeled added sweeteners in pure honey.

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