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FDA Expressed Concern on E-Cigarette Smoking after Increase in Complaint Rate

(Photo : Michael Dorausch)

E-cigarette is again in news as FDA is planning to impose rules. As of now electronic cigarette is an unregulated industry in the United States. However the number of sickness and injury related complaints on electronic cigarette smoking is on the rise. As per FDA, there are certain risks to smokers but it does not have concrete proof yet.

(Photo : Michael Dorausch)

(Photo : Michael Dorausch)

So far they have received over 50 complaints regarding the injury due to E-cigarette smoking. This has increased from the total 10 complaints that were filed per year for the last five years. With over 21% of all adult smokers trying e-cigarette, this is a very small number. Complaints range between respiratory problems burns to nicotine poisoning.  Large number of complaints was related to nicotine poisoning and second-hand smoking issues.

FDA feels it has to take some action. David Ashley, Director of the Office of Science at the FDA’s Tobacco Division reported that, it is time to take some action because these incidents reported mean there is something going on and FDA believes that there are more cases than that are being reported.

Imported from China in 2007, e-cigarettes quickly gained popularity as an alternative to smoking normal cigarettes. Operated on a battery, these devices have nicotine that is liquidated when heated. This is used to quitting smoking and also to get a nicotine fix in non-smoking areas.

After major issues brought to limelight, research is conducted on the impact of electronic cigarette smoking. Recently a controversy has been released that E- cigarette companies are targeting youth of the country by manufacturing them in flavours like cherry, chocolate and candy. Further they are also sponsoring a lot of youth related programs. Critics are of the opinion that this would act as a gateway for young to start smoking real cigarettes.

Introduced as a product that would facilitate smoking cessation, it is lacking data to prove the same stated Dr Priscilla Callahan- Lyon of the FDA Centre for Tobacco products. There is a counter argument that this is a safe alternative because smokers can inhale nicotine without ingesting tar. Though FDA has not given a timeframe for setting up any regulations, they are in the process of identifying issues to set up the same at some point of time.

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