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FDA Approves Oral Immunotherapy Oralair Drug For Grass Allergy Treatment


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Tuesday immunotherapy pill Oralair of France-based drugmaker Stellergenes for the treatment of grass allergies.

Oralair is a fast-dissolving tablet that contains five grass pollen extracts – the Kentucky bluegrass, timothy, perennial rye, orchard and sweet vernal. The pill when placed under the tongue harnesses immune system to alleviate allergies.
Presently injectable treatments are available for treating the allergies. Oralair is the first oral immunotherapy drug and it will replace other treatments.

Merck and Danish partner ALK Abello too is reported to be launching their own rival therapy later this year. The drug is named as Grastek.

Last December the Orelair as well as Grastek received strong recommendations from advisers out FDA.

In 2008 the European Union approved Oralair. The drug is currently also being sold in Russia, Australia and Canada. In 2013 it generated revenue of 22.2 million euros, which was up by 37 percent a year ago.

Stallergenes’ US partner Greer Laboratories is getting ready with the mass production of Oralair and it is expected to reach the US market within weeks. The peak season for the drug is between December and June.

In March the former CEO of Stallergenes said revenue from US for the drug will be limited this year.

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