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FDA Approves Opioid Reversal Device For Use By Caregivers


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved on Thursday emergency, portable drug overdose treatment for use by caregivers in homes and other community settings outside hospitals.
The injector device, called as Evzio, is filled with medication to help in reversing the overdose effects. The tool can easily slip into pocket or medicine cabinet. The federal regulators said it could help stem the rising number of overdoses.

The tool is a hand-held device that delivers a single dose of naloxone to treat who has stopped breathing or lost consciousness from an overdose of opioid drug.

Until now the drug was only made available in hospitals and other medical settings, but that usually was too late for patients.

The device when once turned on would start giving verbal instruction about how to use it.

Director of the addictions program at West Virginia University, Dr Carl R. Sullivan, said this is a big deal as many patients until now died from opiods as the drug was not immediately made available and hence there seems no downside of this new approval by the FDA.

However, chief of the division of pain medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, James Rathmell, said he is worried there will be a false sense of security as the drug users can party as they want after keeping at a hand the naloxone pen. Even thought he is concerned about the security part, he also said it will be extremely effective and downside seems to be very low.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration News Release

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