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FDA Approves Auto-Injector for Caregivers


Preventing death remains the main aim of FDA in the United States and now in a move to prevent deaths due to overdose on a range of common painkillers. The Food and Drug Administration has announced that they would like to provide something to caregivers and families something that can act and administer emergency medication to combat an overdose.
The Food and Drug Administration said that they have approved a product called Evzio that is useful for combating overdose in a better way. The new medication rapidly delivers a dose of naloxone, a drug that has been used to reverse the effects that can be caused by an overdose of a powerful class of painkillers which are better known as opiods.

This new treatment would work as an emergency and is a hand-held injector that gives verbal instructions to users so that they can use it on the patient. The new device is also very small and therefore it can be carried in pocket as well. FDA officials claim that this is going to bring down the number of deaths that are caused due to painkiller abuse. The FDA also claimed that there are around 16,000 deaths per year that occur because of painkiller abuse and with this device those numbers can be brought down considerably.

However, FDA said that both family members and caregivers should make themselves familiar with Evzio before they make use it so that they can use it in the right way and administer it to save someone’s life.

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