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Fast Food Commercials Are Messing with Children’s Minds

Fast Food

Fast food companies have been condemned to try and appeal to kids in their commercials. The argument by many is that kids’ minds are vulnerable and they can be easily manipulated. These fast food joints appeal to the kids’ emotional side and help them associate happiness with junk food.

Fast Food

In a recent study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics showcased the influence and the lasting impact created by these ads on children. Researchers presented before the kids various stills from different ads and asked them to name the various fields. It was surprising that only 10% of kids were able to identify the Burger King’s apple slices which are packaged in similar packages as fries. They confused them with fries. Approximately one-third of the ids in the study were unable to make out milk in the McDonald’s and Burger King advertisement.

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“Burger King’s depiction of apple slices as ‘Fresh Apple Fries’ was misleading to children in the target age range,” said study author Dr. James Sargent, the co-director Cancer Control Research Program at Norris Cotton Cancer Center in a statement. “The advertisement would be deceptive by industry standards, yet their self-regulation bodies took no action to address the misleading depiction.”

In an earlier research to was noticed that brands made themselves more appealing to kids by offering giveaways. Some critics are of the opinion that this creates a sort of mindless loyalty to the brands by the kids and this cannot be good for their health. Some companies, like Walt Disney Co., have vowed to slash the number of unhealthy advertisements which are aimed at attracting kids. Disney is following a stringent process and says it plans to ban all junk food advertising from its TV channels, websites and radio programs catering to children by 2015.


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