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Extreme Temperature May Lead To Pre-Term Deliveries: Study

Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy should be well planned. Even to the extent whether to be in hotter place or cooler region when being pregnant. A new study suggests moving to place where mercury goes down. It helps in a full-term delivery.
Pregnant Woman
Researchers say when the temperatures are as high as 32 degrees celsius, there is a 27 percent risk of early-term delivery compared to typical summer days.

Nathalie Auger from University of Montreal in Canada said heat-induced stress increases uterine contractility. Our body maintains core internal temperature through thermoregulation and during pregnancy it becomes less effective.

Auger further added that the dehydration reduces blood supply to the uterus and increases pituitary hormones release that induce labor.

During pregnancy the dehydration results from high ambient temperature.

Researchers analyzed data of more than 300,000 births between 1981 and 2010 at Montreal in Canada. During the period Environment Canada recorded the summer temperatures. It was found the extreme heat did not increase number of pre-term births, but when women who reached the pregnancy of 37 or 38 weeks the pre-term delivery increased by 17 percent after a three-day episode of at least 32 degrees compared to days without a heat wave.

The researchers further found the risk increased by 27 percent following extreme heat episode that lasted from four to seven days.

Auger added pre-term newborns also face greater death risk.

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