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Event Surveys Tissue and Organ Donation and Plans to Encourage the Same!

Organ Donation Event

An event that is scheduled to be conducted at Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center, Gift of Live, will give details and personal stories about tissue and organ donation. Over 120,000 people from across the country are awaiting transplantations and around 2,000 of them stay in Wisconsin.

Organ Donation Event

A new report on television about kidney donation urged Merrill-based Eunice and Stephen Mann to survey the potential of turning themselves into donors. They have been regular blood donors at this ministry, but did not have any idea about being a donor of organs. Eunice stated, “We know people who have received organ donations and are on dialysis, so it just seemed like the right thing to do.”

Unluckily, she was not able to qualify as a donor, though Stephen was eligible to be a humanitarian donor. He has also donated one of his kidneys to an unknown patient in 2013.

As a part of the Gift of Life event, the Manns will share their story and talk about the donation process at this educational program on April 16 (from noon to 4 p.m.) in the DeAngelis Room, Ministry Good Samaritan Health Center.

The University of Wisconsin Organ and Tissue Donation service representatives will be available from noon to 2 p.m. to answer to queries and give a chance for people to register for the Donor Registry. The living recipients, donors, and their family members will give a panel presentation with Q&A session at 2 p.m.

The chaplain at Ministry Good Samaritan, Sue Kruger stated that their aim was to create awareness among people about tissue and organ donation, thus driving away the misconceptions about the donation process and eligibility criteria.

For more details, interested people can call up 715-539-2187.

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