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Evade Depression To Keep Your Heart Happy!

Evade Depression

Research suggests that we pick up the early signs of depression before it aggravates and troubles our heart. A study undertaken by Norwegian researchers, and presented in the European Society of Cardiology in Stavanger suggests that severe depression increases the risk to heart attacks by 40%. Mild mood disorders on the other hand increase risk to 5%.

Evade Depression

The data for these findings were taken from the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, and the Norwegian National Cause of Death Registry to correlate the number of cases of heart failures due to acute depression. An eleven year observation on 63,000 participants, had made things crystal clear that depression related increase in stress hormones, accelerate heart disorders. Another fact that came up was in this duration, 1500 people developed depression and had heart troubles compared to ones who were happy and stress free.

The National Institute of Mental health in Washington, recommends that we start early before heading to major depression. A two weeks time is enough to come over any issue which troubles our mind. Pessimism, guilt, fatigue, lack of concentration, loss of appetite, irritability, overeating, constant headaches, cramps and restrictive social behavior are some of the common symptoms reflected by a person in depression. Research suggests that letting it go is the best solution. Often sharing with friends, family, and even psycho- therapist helps and medication is not required. The underlying reason behind is depression triggers stress hormones and it is like a viscous cycle. This leads to inflammation of arteries and subsequent atherosclerosis, which restricts in blood flow to heart.

Obesity and smoking also triggers stress hormones. Physicians also suggest that changing lifestyle, eating healthy and introducing exercise to one daily’s routine helps keeping sense of feeling low at bay.

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