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EPA Didn’t Inform Cancer Risk To Participants In Pollutants Study: US Watchdog


A government watchdog says US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) didn’t disclose to the recruited people used in research studies on harmful pollutants about the cancer risks.

EPA is responsible for warning people dangers from exhaust and tiny particles of pollution.
In 2010 and 2011 it recruited volunteers for research studies and failed to reveal cancer danger as the exposure was minimal and short-term too.

In a released statement the Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter writes at the time of conducting experiments the EPA says human exposure studies are not harmful, but in general it argues exposure to particulate matter is deadly.

The Republicans have highly criticized the test practices of EPA and says the agency is contradicting itself while briefing about testing safety and the rules.

The watchdog says EPA mush have shared the the potential cancer risks of a pollutant with the study subjects.

In past 10 years EPA conducted thirteen studies of particulate matter and four were on the diesel exhaust. Each of the studies included 20 to 40 volunteers in a chamber in which the pollution was set to the levels found in New York and Los Angeles. For about two hours the lung functions, heart and blood were monitored to find out how the pollutants affect individuals.

EPA have been conducting studies for more than 40 years and it says had provided all the biological information to the subjects on how the pollutants affect individuals.

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