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Eczema During Childhood Could Continue On In Adulthood


Eczema is a nasty skin disorder that affects plenty of people, and it seems as if scientists have stumbled upon something that could pertain to the condition staying with you. If you suffered from eczema while you were a child, there is a mighty fine chance that you could suffer with it throughout your adulthood as well. In certain individuals, it seems as if the condition is going to persist throughout their adulthood, more so even their entire lives.
It’s a disorder that they can learn to live with, but of course nobody wants to have to deal with something like this. Popular beliefs have people thinking the condition clears up by the time you’re an adolescent, but this study proves otherwise. Dr. David Margolis from the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine stated that around 80% of the childhood eczema patients they looked at suffered from the condition until they were 26.

National Institutes of Health data state that around 10 to 20 percent of children suffer from eczema, which results in itchy and red skin. Patients suffer from sensitive skin that is prone to allergies and infections amongst other things. The team that conducted the trials looked at 7,100 different children, all aged variously from 2 to 17. The medical records have been followed for this group since the year of 2004.

Every six months the group gets asked if they still have a case of eczema. “We now have a number of really promising therapies that are emerging that are really targeting eczema,” stated Dr. Jonathan Silverberg, from the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, Chicago. Researchers also stated that stress could be a key role in the contraction of eczema, there’s much more to look into.

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