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Ebola Treatment Center Bears The Wrath Of Angry Crowd In Guinea

Ebola Virus

An Ebola outbreak has killed 86 people in Guinea sparking anger in a group of local residents who attacked a center where few people were kept in isolation. This has prompted the international aid group to evacuate the place and shift to safer grounds.
Ebola Virus
This attack took place in a southern town of Guinea named Macenta where 14 people have already lost their lives due to the outbreak. The attackers accused the health workers of ‘Doctors without Borders’ for bringing this deadly disease to Guinea.

The government of Guinea defended the international aid groups as they are important in helping to eradicate Ebola and hence condemned the attack. The government stated that the international groups have mobilized themselves and reached the disease epicenter with whole hearted support and so the people should stay positive and support the cause.

Ebola still has no cure and causes high fever along with severe bleeding. This results in excessive stress in about 90% sufferers, becoming the cause of death.

Along with 86 deaths in Guinea, 2 deaths because of Ebola have been confirmed in Liberia and 3 more cases are being investigated in Ethiopia for which the testing samples have been sent overseas.

Experts are of the opinion that fruit bats of Africa are Ebola carriers and it is getting transferred by consuming the bat or an animal bitten by a bat. It can spread only when someone comes in direct contact of body fluids of an infected person. This fact has caused people in a bus in Guinea jumping out when a man vomited and also resulted in protest from people of Mali who suspected Ebola patients held isolated in their locality.

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